What is a Bed & Breakfast?


Bed & Breakfasts are a new alternative or not traditional modality of lodging. Currently these kind of lodging are generally managed by their owners that decide to destine it to lodge foreign tourists, preferably. These houses are not simple houses, but generally are big houses recycled, some of the 19th Century, with history or with a typical architecture which does the interesting for the traveler. Tourist that chooses a B&B to be lodged are not adept to the large 5 stars hotel and to the conventional tours. Is more for independent travelers, that dont buy tourist packages and that visits a country for "feeling" as the local inhabitant. A traveler who not worry about confort neither the facilities of the lodging, he is interested more by knowing about the local culture, the ways of life, experiences, etc.


The way to operate these Bed & Breakfast has many different cases. Some of these lodging are personal houses, where a family lives, that at the same time shares the space with the guest. In other cases the house does not have inhabitants, is destined completely for tourist but likewise receives the name of B&B, because their offer bed and breakfast. We have at the same time B&B modest, with generally low rates, but also we can find us with exclusive lodgings in magnificent large houses with an exclusive attention whose rate is similar to 4 or 5 stars hotel. The possibilities of each B&B will depend on if is a house with inhabitants or destined totally the guests, the degree of importance and professionalism that the owners want to give to the business, etc. We must keep in mind that this type of lodging is more required by American and European tourists, that are exactly the places where b&b industry is more development. In Argentina the growth of Bed & Breakfast is every day large, is a business of low investment and redituable. The key of the business is the deal with the guest. Many tourists already are tired to be lodged in 5 stars hotel  that are exactly equal so much in Argentina as in Malaysia and of the impersonal deal in those hotels. The tourist that lodges in a B&B search the personalized deal, to exchange experiences with the local inhabitant, to see their customs, etc. Therefore if one it is not a follower to the cordiality with the guest, to enjoy a midnight chat better not to enter in this business. A theme to keep in mind are the legal requirements. In Argentina the B&B do not have still a legal framework. Inside the Law of Tourist Lodging there is not specifications for B&B. There are government laws for Bed & Breakfast next to be approved, but in the meantime all depends on the requirements and authorizations that arrange the corresponding municipalities.




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