Bed & Breakfast History


The starts of what today we know as B&B date from the end of II World War in England, when many soldiers had to return to their respective countries or localities and like they could not do it because the broken roads and by the bad communications they had to be lodged for a time in some side. It was there that the inhabitants of those towns offered these soldiers to be remained free in their houses offering them the necessary thing: bed and breakfast.

Actually, Bed and Breakfast inn was originated like a private residence that offered rooms for temporary stays in a home atmosphere with a meal included without additional cost.  Bed & Breakfast are situated generally in picturesque areas, historic residences, and even in lighthouses. The growing popularity of this descendant of the first American inns reflects themself in their fast expansion. In 1976, there was around 300 B&B in the United States, while today number is more than 10.000. The recent ascent of the Bed & Breakfast Inn in the United States is owed, in part, to the solid ties with travel agencies. Many B&B pay commissions to the travel agents that sell reservations to the tourists.



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